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** Pre Order ** 1ST Quarter 2024 ** WWII US Paratrooper Lieutenant Buck FP-012B (Jump Uniform) - Boxed Figure

MSRP: $229.95
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Item Number: WWIIUSPLBV2FP01
Manufacturer: FacePool

Head Sculpture

Male Nude Body + Hands x6 (COOMODEL BD001)

M1 Paratrooper Helmet with Netting (Metal)

M42 Paratrooper Uniform Set with Rigger Pockets

M36 Musette Bag

Paratrooper Scarf

Thompson Sub Machine Gun (Metal + Wood)

30 Rounds Magazine (Metal and loadable) + 30 Rounds Magazine ABS + 20 Rounds Magazine (ABS)

M1911A1 Pistol + leather holster (Real Leather)

Double Magazine Pouch

US Suspenders

GI Wool Shirt

Paratrooper Boots (Real leather)

Paratrooper M6 Scabbard + M1918 Knife

M36 Belt

M10 Canteen w/Cover

101 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia +Flag Insignia

Camouflage Cloth Stripes

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