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Payment Methods

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards for payment. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Our site uses a secure server and all data is transmitted encrypted. Using your credit card is safe and secure at War- Toys. Your order is charged at the time it is placed. If any items are out of stock, we will issue a refund the next business day.

Payment by Mail (Check or Money Order):
You can place an order through our site and select to pay by mail with check or money order. Your items are pulled and held until funds arrive.

You have 7 days from the date of placing the order for the funds to reach us. If funds are not received within one week, we cancel the order and return the items to stock.

We have had many problems in the past of people placing orders and us holding the product only for them to never pay or cancel the order. If any customer should not pay or cancel more than two pay-by-mail orders we will no longer hold products for that customer. We value your business. However, when you do not pay it ties up our inventory and keeps other customers from being able to purchase those items. It is also work for us to pull and process an order only to not get paid for it.

Any check that is returned unpaid (i.e. a bounced check) is subject to a $25 fee in addition to the original amount of the check and must be paid in certified funds. If a bounced check and fee remain unpaid, we will report it to the national check verification company that we use.

Pay Pal
We accept PayPal. Please note that PayPal payment is expected at time of checkout. We will not hold items for PayPal payment at a later date. NOTE: There is a 2% surcharge added to your order when payment is made using PayPal.

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