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Heinrich - Boxed Figure

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Creator of Marwencol
Mark Hogancamp (Bloomington,, NY) 2/20/2011 11:30 PM
This figure, after I took him out of the box and put his hat and glasses on him, looked as if he would come to life and blink his eyes !!! . . . The realism is uncanny, in the engineering and manufacturing of this head-sculpt. Real, real, real. . . he's so freaking real looking !! Everything's so highly detailed and made out of metal and the like, and the pockets work, and his long coat has real buttons to button up the coat with : but the other coats are snaps (which is cool :). All I can say is, that I'm going to have fun filming the women of Marwencol exacting revenge on 'ol Himmler, because he's the one that ordered his SS troops to storm into Marwencol and kill every man, woman and child, in which they did. These women who are alive and looking for revenge, hid in an earthen cellar until the SS had left. When they emerged from their hide-a-way, they saw the atrocities before them : their families and friends rubbed out by the SS. That's why I need this guy and some other big-wigs in the German high command, because they'll look great hanging upside down from the gallows in Marwencol. . . That is, after the girls catch them and kill them then string them all up, upside down by their ankles, so the town's folk of Marwencol may throw stones and spit, and kick and punch, those horrible men that call themselves Human beings, until their bodies are disfigured :) Anyway, that's why I need realistic looking actors to portray the icehole bullies from the history books, so it'll look so real and satisfying to the viewer :) Thank You, Javier. Thank you for having the coolest store on the block !! :)
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